Home Inspections in Los Angeles and Orange County You Can Trust

Buying or Owning Commercial Property Can Be Stressful

Lower your stress with an insightful home inspections from certified home inspector in Orange County to help you make the right decision. When you’re buying a home or commercial property you want to know that all structures, components, and systems are in good working order.

Even if you feel that you’ve “looked over” the property pretty well, there are many things that escape the untrained eye. That’s where we come in. Our training and experience allow us to thoroughly inspect all aspects of your home or commercial property purchase before you take ownership.

Have Peace of Mind

Orange County is a wonderful place to live so make sure you are buying the home you’re expecting. A&A Property Inspections protects your interests. You’ll receive peace of mind that you have an independent, unbiased perspective about the property’s true condition. To make the best decision about your home, contact us as your professional Orange County home inspector. We are fully insured and licensed.

You’ll receive insights from your home inspection that may help you during the negotiation process. For example, if your property is in excellent condition, our inspection report helps sell your home and show its real worth. Or if the home you’re considering purchasing has serious defects, you may want to avoid buying the property. With A&A Property Inspections, you have expert insights available to you that other companies will not offer.

We Take Care of You

When you choose A&A Property Inspections, you’ll know you’re in good hands. We take care of you. For commercial buildings and large homes (over 2,000 square feet), you’ll have three experts working for you and saving you time including:

  • A Master-certified property inspector
  • A licensed plumber, and
  • A licensed electrician

You’ll receive your inspection report by the next business day. Your report will include multiple photos and sometimes videos.


commcercial inspections

Commercial Property Inspections

As an investor or owner of a commercial building, you’ll want valuable information about the commercial property’s structure and mechanical systems. We can help!

luxury inspections

Luxury Home Inspections

Luxury homes are much larger and worth far more than typical residential homes. Your home may also have amenities or features including pools, spas, wine cellars, etc. We are well trained for luxury home inspections.

coastal inspections

Coastal Home Inspections

Owning a home overlooking the coast is a dream come true. Watch the sunset and the ocean waves… But before you finalize your purchase, make sure you protect your interests with an inspection of the coastal home.

mold testing

Mold Testing

If you are selling your home, you should consider mold testing as evidence that your home does not have any clear mold problems. Mold testing is also useful to double check after mold removal or remediation to make sure your mold problem has been resolved.

luxury home lead testing

Asbestos Testing

Are you considering home improvement or remodeling? Are you sure your home does not have asbestos? If you’re not certain, it’s best to hire professionals for asbestos testing. You don’t want to expose yourself, your family, or any workers to asbestos in the air. We can help you.

lead testing

Lead Testing

We provide lead testing for homes, schools, and commercial properties. Our lead testing services gives you peace of mind so you know if you need to address a lead problem. We can help you.